2K games has announced that they are dropping a whole new set of skins and heads for your Borderlands 2 characters.

Three different themes – Dominion, Madness, and Supremacy – are available today for all five of the playable characters in Borderlands 2. Zombie faced Axton up there is what you can expect from the 'Madness' theme. Seems that zombie-fying everything hasn't jumped the shark quite yet.

According to 2K, "Each theme is comprised of five individual sets of matching heads and skins for a total of 15 new customization options. The 15 sets are available separately for 80 Microsoft Points or $0.99 each."

Is this enough to get you to head back to Pandora? Let us know what you think of the new skins and if you're planning on heading back.

[via 2K Blog]