HBO has really been hitting the mark with great comedies in the past few years, and this new series from The League star Mark Duplass and his brother, Jay, sounds like it'll be continuing the trend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the premium cable network has just greenlit Togetherness from the brothers, a comedy about two couples living in the same house who struggle to maintain their relationships while individually following their respective aspirations. Judging by the previous films they've written together - Jeff Who Lives at Home and Cyrus - the series will be, in other words, a realistic, funny look at relationships and life.

The Duplass brothers probably won't appear in the show, but they will be writing, directing, and executive producing the half-hour pilot. As it's still early on, there's no word yet on who will be starring, so we'd just like to go ahead and nominate Jason Mantzoukas for one of the roles, because there's never enough of his character, Rafi, in The League

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]