Between kicking ass and taking names, the exotic leading lady of the CW’s hit series Nikita plays a quick game of “Would You Rather.”

This feature appears in Complex's February/March 2013 issue.

As told to Tara Aquino (@T_Akino)

I’d rather work in a group than work solo.
I like both. But if I said I’d rather work by myself, that would be a lie, because filming a TV show requires a team effort.

I’d rather surf the ocean than the Internet.
I’m from Hawaii. I grew up surfing, and my connection to the ocean is profound. I go back to Hawaii when I get more than a week off, which isn’t all that often, sadly.

I’d rather do my own stunts than have a stunt double.
I do my own stunts and I hurt myself all the time. I’m lucky that it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve cracked bones. I broke my fingers last year while shooting Nikita. It wasn’t even an action script. I was supposed to lift up a metal grate and climb down a ladder that led to an underground tunnel system. The grate teetered and fell on my head and my hand. 
I couldn’t hold onto the ladder and fell. It was awful. I went to the E.R. but I showed up to work the next day.

I’d rather wear sweats than a ball gown.
The best thing about a gown is that you get to go home and put sweats on. When I’m shooting, 
I have to deal with a million people, so in my off time I’m pretty solitary. I keep it low-key and quiet. I do yoga, read, and hang out with my dogs.

I’d rather be lied about than lied to.
It already happens every day and it’s not a big deal. Those are the people I don’t know and who don’t know me. Being lied to implies we’re close, and that would hurt more.

I’d rather fight alongside Linda Hamilton than Sylvester Stallone.
She’s a badass. Remember that photo of her in the black tank top and military pants from Terminator 2? She was “it” at that time. I loved her.

I’d rather talk to animals than be telekinetic.
I already have this deep connection with animals, so I’d take it to the next level. I’ve been an activist for 15 years and worked with a lot of different animal groups protecting everything from cats and dogs to elephants, bears, and marine animals. I love them all.

I’d rather date a sensitive guy than a tough guy.
I always say a tough guy, and people get put into a box, so it would be nice to try the other side.

Nikita airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on the CW.  

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ADDITIONAL CREDITS: (STYLING)  Caley Lawson. (HAIR) Alex Polillo. (MAKEUP) Kayleen McAdams. (CLOTHING) FIRST IMAGE: Red bra by Malia Mills by Rodebjer / Black bra and necklace Talent's own. SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, AND FIFTH IMAGES: Sweater by Whitney Eve / Bra and underwear by Malia Mills / Ring by Karma El Khalil and Le Vian. SIXTH IMAGE: Top by Collette Dinnigan / Skirt by H&M / Bra and necklace Talent's own. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH IMAGES: Jumpsuit by Rachel Zoe / Bracelet by Karma El Khalil and Sydney Evans / Necklace Talent's own.