Vegas native Mary Kay Beckman filed a $10 million lawsuit against, saying that the popular dating website gave her a "false sense of security" and didn't detail the dangers associated with online dating. Shouldn't she have been aware of them from the jump? 

Anyway, Beckman says that she broke up with Wade Ridley after an eight-day relationship in September 2010, and four months later he stabbed her 10 times after hiding in her garage. She suffered eight stab wounds to her body and two to her head, and required multiple surgeries. 

Ridley would go on to kill a woman in Phoenix, and committed suicide in prison. Beckman's attorney says is "absolutely not safe," and the website issued a statement saying that she was the victim of a "sick, twisted" individual without a known criminal record.

Online dating can be dangerous, but so can the traditional form of dating. There are crazy people everywhere.

[via LAist]