Kris Humphries is apparently saying that his ex Kim Kardashian offered him a cool $10 million to drop his annulment suit, but he so honorably said no. He really wants Kim to admit their marriage was a sham, and won't shut up about it.


As of now, it looks unlikely that the divorce will be finalized before her July due date.

Humphries just wants to get on with his life, he says, and "marry in a church again with a clear conscience." The thing we don't get, is if it was a sham from the beginning like he says, why would he ever have agreed to it in the first place if he had such a problem with it? 

To complicate things further, TMZ is also reporting that Kim is demanding Kris pay her to cover her attorney's fees since he keeps dragging this out. And also that he's the one who asked her to pay him off in the first place. Or something.

We get it, Kris, you're sad—can we focus on the Kimye fetus now?

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[via TMZ]