After numerous rumors and false starts, Deadline is now confirming that Universal Pictures has given Jurassic Park IV an official release date of June 13, 2014. The site also confirms that Steven Spielberg will be back on board as a producer, but no director has been hired for the film as of yet. With about a year and a half to go until this new release date, expect the studio to start moving quickly on the project with casting announcements and a new director revealed within the next few months.

In order to get Jurassic Park back into the public consciousness before the fourth installment hits theaters, Universal will also be re-releasing the original film in 3D this April. We actually wouldn’t be surprised to see either the cast or the new director announced around this time so that the studio could capitalize on the publicity of the re-release. We’ll have more information for you as it comes out.

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[via Deadline]