In case you have been living in complete and blissful ignorance for the past few years, you should know that almost every movie that Hollywood can possibly milk for more money has been getting a 3D re-release, and Jurassic Park is no different. But that's not the only enhancement heading the film's way because according to a press release from IMAX and Universal Pictures (via Collider), Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster dinosaur classic will also be released in IMAX theaters for one week as well.

The press release says that Jurassic Park 3D will have this one week limited engagement simultaneous with the film’s wide release on April 5. This means that fans looking to see Jurassic Park in the third dimension, as well as on some of the biggest screens in the country, will have to act quickly, before this engagement goes the way of the T-Rex.

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[via Collider]