As 20th Century Fox and director Bryan Singer aim to reunite the main players from previous X-Men movies for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, some of the side characters from throughout the franchise are getting left behind. And one of those destined not to return is likely to be January Jones, who played Emma Frost in 2011’s First Class. In an interview with Collider, Jones gave this update on what she knows about the movie:

I don’t know that I’m in it, I don’t think Emma’s in this one. Well they haven’t told me if I am (laughs). I wouldn’t put it past them though, I got the script for the first one on the airplane on the way there. It’s called Days of Future Past I think, and I think it’s more about James [McAvoy] and Michael [Fassbender] and then Patrick [Stewart] and Ian [McKellan], and I think it’s gonna go back and forth with those so I don’t think Emma’s in those bits. I don’t know, I really don’t know.

Emma Frost wasn’t involved in the original “Days of Future Past” comic book storyline, so this news wasn’t entirely unexpected. Plus with the addition of Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and plenty of others, there are already enough characters that Frost’s presence wasn’t really necessary anyway.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will debut on July 18, 2014.

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[via Collider]