Should we get ready for a Joe Biden ticket come 2016? According to the Washington Post, maybe - apparently the current vice president "has barely hidden his possible interest in running" for presidency in four years, and there have even already been signs that he's in the beginning stages of planning a campaign. 

"In a couple years, I think he's going to take a hard look at it," Beau Biden, the vice president's son and attorney general of Delaware commented to MSNBC. "I hope he does." 

So far, of course, there's been no official statements, likely because Obama was just re-sworn in, and we should all probably wait a week before talking about who's going to replace him. Even so, though, the signs that Biden is considering a campaign are definitely there: For one, during an appearance at the Iowa State Society inaugural ball on Saturday night, Biden accidentally said that he is "proud to be the president of the United States" before correcting himself and stating he meant vice president. Secondly, he was in total campaign mode during the inaugural parade yesterday and made sure to energetically wave and point at everyone behind the barricades.

Additionally, he invited New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan to his private swearing-in ceremony, which is important as New Hampshire is a major state when it comes to the primaries. 

We still have a long while before Biden makes any official statements on his decision, of course, but it's hard to deny - it looks like his decisions are definitely deliberate. 

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[via Washington Post]