A woman claiming to be a drug informant for the Los Angeles Police Department says that two different officers that she provided with information forced her to have sex with them.

According to City News Service, Tammy Kim began working as an informant in 2009. The first officer she reportedly had sex with her was Gus Venenzuela. After she provided him with information, he told her it wasn't enough to work with, but suggested that if she slept with him, he'd give her more credit for the case.

The second officer is Bill Nichols. Kim says that Nichols told her he would keep her out of jail if she slept with him, though it's unclear what she was in jail for. Neither one of the officers made good on their promises. Kim never received credit as an informant for Venenzuela's case, and has remained in jail since April 2011.

Kim has accused the officers of assault, battery, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil rights violations. She also says she's afraid for her life, claiming that the officers told the suspects she provided information on that Kim had assisted with their arrests.

[via LAist]