Eating has always played an important role in video game functionality. Grubbing has even gone back to the early days of Pac Man as a way to score higher points and provide a quick power boost. To this day, video game developers continue to work in the ability to eat with varying results. Some foods will heal or enhance your character, like Nuka Cola in Fallout 3 while others will make you sick and possibly kill you like a great deal of the menu items at Grand Theft Auto's Burger Shot restaurant. Then there are edibles that are nothing more that novelty items that work as a prize as seen in Portal.

What if some of the popular foods in video games were real? The Food and Drug Administration would surely step in to let us know what we'd be stuffing into our faces. That's why we decided to be proactive and put together The Nutritional Guide To Popular Food In Video Games. Now you'll know exactly what you're feeding your favorite video game characters and if your diet is deadlier than your enemies.