Just a week before Mobile World Congress kicks off, HTC will host its own party. 

The company sent out invites for a February 19th event this week, where Venture Beat says its expected to unveil its next flagship smartphone. 

Whether that device will be the M7, HTC's rumored nemesis to Samsung's Android, is anyone's guess. However, it's clear the company's playing a tough game of catch up with its competitor. A dismal quarterly report released earlier this month showed HTC's smartphone sales are "still in the pits," according to Venture Beat. Revenue dropped 41% to $2.69 billion earlier this year, perhaps its worst point in the company's history. 

A leaked photo of the M7 looked sharp, but the design is eerily similar to Apple's iPhone 5. So if HTC is serious about taking a bite out of Samsung's lunch, it had better not mess with Apple. 

[via Venture Beat]