Appears In: "Vagina Panic"

While City Guide staffers aren't the sort of people who often go inside of art galleries (we prefer the streets), we do often walk by them en route to use the bathroom at Starbucks. From what we can tell, they're pretty cool. Whether the current exhibition features neon mannequins in various states of repose or different animal furs painted with real chimp's blood, any gallery window provides a perfect illustration of why modern art is neat. Add all the lithe, attractive people drinking wine and laughing while gobbling cheese from silver plates, and we must conclude that Girls gets it right. Also, in this episode, an artist at the gallery says this to the super-attractive Marnie: "The first time I fuck you I might scare you because I'm a man and I know how to do things." First off, Strange reasoning, and second, What courage!

Verdict: Just as Cool as It Is in Girls