Failed Movie: Steel (1997)

In theory, action heroes don't get any more tailor-made than Shaquille O'Neal. For one, during his time spent in the NBA, Shaq Diesel was a funny, charming, gifted fan favorite, the kind of professional athlete that youngsters want to be and Hollywood agents want to sign. Secondly, in the mid-'90s, the towering 7 feet and 1 inch big man tipped the scales at more than 320 pounds. Best of all, as he proved on the court night in and night out, he was extremely agile for a man his size.

Shaq's biggest selling point, though, was the fact that he'd already shown some workable acting chops in otherwise poorly received films like Blue Chips and Kazaam. And by "workable," of course, we mean enjoyable not to watch, not Oscar-worthy.

As expected, Hollywood move-makers tried to get the most out of Shaq's unique on-screen package, casting him to play the title character in the unnecessary DC Comics superhero flick Steel. Wholly unconvincing as a running, jumping, punching crime-fighter, O'Neal would've put up cinematic air-balls even if director Kenneth Johnson knew how to shoot an action scene with decent lighting, fluid camerawork, and any tangible excitement.

Johnson didn't, of course, and Steel remains the proverbial nail in the coffin housing O'Neal's action movie career.