Failed Movie: Firestorm (1998)

Pigskin fans are well aware of Howie Long's off-the-cuff wit and agreeable personality. A seasoned veteran analyst for Fox Network's popular NFL coverage, the former Los Angeles Raiders defensive tackle/eight-time Pro Bowl participant/Super Bowl champ is one of the small-screen's best talking heads when it comes to gridiron commentary. Perhaps he should've given comedy a shot?

Rather than tap into his funny side, Long accepted 20th Century Fox's plans to launch a new action star for the new millennium, a move set in motion via the 1998 smokejumper flick Firestorm. Sadly for Long, NFL junkies couldn't give a damn about watching him run around and pound foes in something other than pads and a Raiders jersey. Universally bashed by critics, the $19 million Firestorm debuted at an embarrassing seventh place at the box office, falling millions of dollars behind six films that'd opened upwards of three weeks prior.