Failed Movie: Rollerball (2002)

Two successful American Pie movies in a row—in 1999 and 2001, respectively—solidified the cast members' collective in-demand status throughout Hollywood. Whereas Jason Biggs wisely signed up for a string of lightweight comedies, Chris Klein, the resident jock, foolishly fancied himself an action hero. He came across some promising material, too: a high-budget remake of the 1975 cult flick Rollerball, directed by John McTiernan, who'd previously made Predator and Die Hard. Foolproof, right?

Absolutely not. Made for $70 million, Rollerball hardly made back $26 mil at the box office, proving a couple of things: One, McTiernan's glory days were long behind him, and, two, his boy Chris Klein possessed (and still possesses, frankly) the on-screen magnetism of a chiseled mannequin.