Hey, J.J. Abrams. We know you're a busy guy, but Keri Russell would like to talk to you about being cast in that Star Wars movie you're going to be directing soon. It's important.

As she told TVLine today, Russell is up for any part in the production of the film - anything. "Anyone he lets me play. I would do anything for J.J.," She commented. "I would do crafts services if he asked!" Even with the premiere of her new show tonight on FX, The Americans - in which she plays a Soviet sleeper agent in 1980's Washington D.C. - she's up to run crafts services. This is what dedication looks like. 

"I'm waiting for my call," she added. Don't let her down, J.J. Don't let her down.

You can catch the premiere of The Americans tonight on FX at 10 PM. As for Star Wars: Episode VII, that will be released someday, maybe 2015. No one knows. 

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[via TVLine]