It's been years now since Halo 2 multiplayer on Xbox was shut down. We recall that some players held on until they could hold on no longer, their consoles or their bodies finally surrendering to fatigue after remaining on and in play for days after the off-switch had been pushed. Until they fell, Halo 2 multiplayer remained alive, the servers being unable to shut down while there were still players online.

It was a noble swan song, only they apparently forgot that they could still play Halo 2 multiplayer on PC.

Unfortunately, even that will no longer be an option when, on Feb. 15, Halo 2's PC multiplayer servers will be shut down as well. This would be more tragic if we were unaware that Halo 2 PC multiplayer has been peaking at 20 players online at a time lately. At least maybe this will leave room for Halo 2 to hit Xbox Live Arcade?

[via Joystiq]