Girls is supposed to be a fairly realistic view at the lives of 20-something women living in New York City, but if you don't agree, don't worry - apparently someone in the television business doesn't think it is either. Instead of writing some long-winded blog post about it, though, they're just going ahead and making it a little bit realer by creating their very own Girls reality show.

The casting call ad from an "Emmy-winning reality TV production company," which popped up on Craigslist today, isn't trying to hide the fact that it's based off Girls either; It says it outright, in the second paragraph:

The real life television show we are making follows the trials and tribulations of an ensemble of wise-beyond-their-years young ladies. We are with you living the dream in hipster Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Only well educated and cultured extroverts need apply. Are you thinking about that show--"Girls?" Well we didn't say it but. . that you mention it.

No, you did say it. And this is happening. It should be interesting to see - anything is better than the other attempts at reality shows about groups of women living in New York City, AKA, The City and Gallery Girls - but we can't help but feel like women who are one in the same with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna aren't going to be the type of table-flipping, mediocre-functioning alcoholics that make reality television so great. Snooki is one of the most recognized people in the country for a reason, and it doesn't include her knack for intellectual conversations about philosophy and life.

You can check out the ad in full here. And, if you're interested, meetings are being held in NYC this week - just be sure to name drop us when you get cast.

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