This probably isn't necessary, but that's Hollywood for you: A bunch of unnecessary sequels released in the quest for more cash. The latest, a fifth installment in the surprisingly popular Step Up franchise, titled Step Up 5. According to Deadline, the film's studio, Summit Entertainment, has tapped screenwriter John Swetnam to pen the script for the project, which will be directed by returning director Scott Speer and produced by Jennifer Gibgot and Adam Shankman.

Apparently, the intention for the film is to have the big climax be a huge dance-off scene, with cameos from the previous four films' lead stars. No word on if Channing Tatum will be clearing his increasingly busy schedule or if his co-star turned wifey, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, will be making an appearance, but considering they did meet on the set of the first film, there's a small chance it could happen. 

Step Up 5 is also set to be released in 3D, just in case those serious, action-packed dance scenes weren't up close and personal enough for you.

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[via Deadline]

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