The sexy star of Identity Thief talks about dating deal-breakers and what makes her weak in the knees.

This feature appears in Complex's February/March 2013 issue.

Is Genesis Rodriguez too good to be true? Sure, she’s a 25-year-old Venezuelan-Cuban-American knockout from Miami. But she’s also got a wicked sense of humor, which she prominently employed in Will Ferrell’s 2012 telenovela-style comedy Casa de mi Padre, and now displays in her role as a “batshit crazy” gang enforcer in Identity Thief. She’s also a lifelong basketball junkie (Her team? The Heat, naturally.) and a foodie. If she has a flaw, you’ll have to search long and hard to find it. Which might be fun.

Your dad’s a movie star and your mom’s a model. Have you been incredibly hot since birth?
I was a chubby-ass kid, a Latina Little Miss Sunshine. [Laughs.] I sprouted up like a string bean at 13. When boys started paying attention to me, saying, “The hottest girl in our class is Genesis,” it was unexpected. I had an ugly duckling syndrome, so I never bought into it.

Is it weird now to have everyone say you’re sexy?
I can take a compliment, but they’re still just words to me. I feel different now. I know what I exude. I know I’ve got something special. [Laughs.]


I want a guy to share my two loves: food and basketball.


What are dating deal breakers for you?
I want a guy to share my two loves: food and basketball. I can’t understand people who don’t take food seriously. I plan my days around when I’m going to eat. [Laughs.] I can’t stand guys who don’t care which restaurants they eat at. And if a guy doesn’t like basketball, forget about it. I once dated a guy who didn’t root for a team. He had no identity to me. He started rooting for the Heat because of me but he didn’t know who any of the players were. I wasn’t impressed.

Does a guy have to be ripped to date you?
I live off my body, so I have to work out five times a week, but I don’t torture myself in the gym. I’m not trying to get shredded, and I don’t need a guy to be. See, I don’t ask for much. [Laughs.]

Lazy men everywhere are smiling right now.
Well, I wouldn’t date a slob, but it’s not a huge turnoff if you don’t go to the gym.

Would you date an NBA player?
If an athlete swept me off my feet, I’d have to be careful. I admire them for their talent, but they have reputations. I talk a lot of shit, though. I went to a party and totally froze when I saw Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, and Shane Battier. When I shook Bosh’s hand, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and my voice was trembling. I don’t know why I act so stupid around basketball players. Any players! I respect them more than I respect actors.

Even benchwarmers and pickup players?
I like someone who can play well. It’s a really big turn-on. I would destroy a shitty basketball player. I’m a big trash-talker.

What if they challenged you to play one-on-one?
I’m all talk. [Laughs.] I have no ability at all.

You can practice post moves on us anytime.

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