The iPhone's "Find My iPhone" feature makes it a tough target for pilfering— swipe one and fail to deactivate it, and you never know when the owner will come knocking. The San Diego man featured in the video above rolled the dice and lost— big time.

Kenneth Schmidgall, owner of the stolen iPhone, hopped in a car with his buddy and tracked down the thief as he was going on a leisurely bike ride by the beach. Schmidgall, apparently feeling bold, hopped out of the car and proceeded to chase down the suspected perp. He confronted him on the beach before dealing him several blows to the head, in addition to spraying him in the face with pepper spray (really, bro?).

An off-duty cop intervened and subdued the thief until police showed up. Eventually, Schmidgall got his iPhone back.

“Hopefully he won't try this again, and anybody else out there that's seen the video or is watching the segment will also think twice before stealing somebody's phone," he told his local news affiliate.

This guy really loves his iPhone.

[via Hip-Hop Wired]