A fraternity has been booted from Cornell University's campus after two pledges were hospitalized last fall following a hazing incident at an initiation event. According to the university, pledges were stripped naked at an October Tau Epsilon Phi gathering—a violation of the school's no-hazing policy.

Speaking to the New York Times, university spokeswoman Claudia Wheatley said "Their initiation consisted of being told to take off their clothes, down to their underwear, then the existing members apparently stripped the underwear off of them." Wheatley added that this type of behavior is "not tolerated at Cornell."

Associate dean of students for fraternity and sorority affairs Travis Apgar said that the event included “really humiliating, sexually humiliating kinds of activities." In addition, two students were rushed to the hospital for consuming too much alcohol. 

There's a fine line between hazing and torture.

[via Gothamist]