Fan site Valve Time posted some images today that it claims are from a cancelled game with the illogical moniker Half-Life 2: Episode 4. We say illogical because a third episode of Half-Life 2 was never released, so we're not sure where anyone would get off naming something Half-Life 2: Episode 4.

Anyway, the game that these images are supposedly from was also known by another name: Return to Ravenholm. According to Valve Time, at least. It was supposedly in development at Arkane Studios, who would later go on to create the excellent Dishonored, at some point around 2006 and 2007.

Intriguing, no? They've got some video to watch right here as well.

Do you think these screenshots and footage are legit? Will another Half-Life game ever be made, or is Valve too concerned with Steams and Steam Boxes and other whatnots these days to worry about it?

[via reddit]

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