The Giant Squid, a near mythical creature that inspired the Kraken of lore, is so rare that no one has ever recorded one live in the wild— a gap of knowledge unthinkable in today's cameraphone age. A team of Japanese deep sea divers set out recently to rectify that gap, and footage of their successful mission will air on the Discovery network in an upcoming episode of the series "Curiosity."

The squid was found 2,066 feet underwater 9 miles east of Chichi Island, which sits between Iwo Jima (to the south) and mainland Japan (to the north).

The divers captured high definition video of the gleaming, silver-skinned creature, nearly the size of a sperm whale, a glimpse of which you can see above.

Check your local listings for the air date of the special "Curiosity" episode.

[via Gizmodo]