All-Star Western has been one of DC Entertainment’s sleeper hits ever since it debuted at the beginning of the New 52 back in September of 2011. Starring Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham, this book is a love letter to the all-but-dead Western genre that used to be the king of the comic industry back in the ‘50s. The book's success has much to do with writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, who have brought Hex back to prominence by pulling no punches when crafting his anti-social personality.

And in All-Star Western #16, which goes on sale January 30, Hex continues his battle against Mr. Hyde (yes, that Mr. Hyde) as he attempts to retrieve the Black Diamond before it can do any more harm. The issue will also feature some incredible art by Moritat and an action-packed cover by the legendary Walter Simonson.

Now, courtesy of DC, we have an exclusive five-page preview of the issue, as well as a short synopsis, which you can check out below:

• Hex is being driven mad as he recuperates at Dr. Arkham’s house, where he meets more of the Arkham family than anyone would ever want to — until an uninvited guest drops by, and it’s an all-out brawl as Hex tries to take Hyde out and get the Black Diamond!
• And in the backup story, Tomahawk leads a gathering of Native American tribes in a final stand to protect their homeland.


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