Good news: According to Deadline, it looks like Disney has dropped that whole idea of re-releasing the dismal Star Wars prequel films in 3D to focus on producing the new trilogy of films instead. Though it was a pointless endeavor in the first place - and clearly only meant to milk as much money from those films as possible - the decision is fairly surprising as they'd already set release dates for both Episode II and Episode III.

The plans were to have Episode II hit theaters this September and Episode III to hit theaters this October, but it was reportedly reconsidered because of the disappointing $23 million that Episode I earned back in February 2012 when it was first re-released in 3D. 

Instead, Lucasfilm and Disney will be focusing on the new J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars film, which, as previously reported, is set to be released someday. Maybe 2015. It takes a lot of time to add in those lense flares, you know?

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[via Deadline]