In an age when Hollywood is turning old board games and action figures from the '80s into $100+ million blockbusters, no concept seems too ludicrous for the big screen anymore. However, this news from The Hollywood Reporter is certainly challenging that notion. According to the site, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Beau Flynn are set to produce a movie at New Line based on a piece of art found on DeviantArt. That's right, a picture that the artist labeled "another fast and stupid one" is being optioned for a major film release.

The illustration comes from Alex Panagopoulos, a former software engineer turned artist, and it features a little girl being protected from a giant dragon-like creature by a teddy bear with a wooden sword and shield. Hiram Garcia, Johnson’s former assistant, discovered the picture and brought it right to New Line. With Johnson producing, that also means that he might star in the movie, most likely as either the voice of the teddy bear or as the little girl. After his turn as the Tooth Fairy, we’re not sure what he's capable of.

With the success of Ted, we guess it’s not shocking that the anthropomorphized teddy bear genre is Hollywood’s next big thing, and it’s being said that the studio is hoping to turn this idea into a franchise. Yeah, we can’t believe any of this either. We’ll have more information on Teddy Bear as it becomes available. Until then, check out the picture that inspired it all below.
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