Our friends over at Destructoid and Rockstar Games are putting together a little contest to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

You can recreate your own entire 80s wardrobe if you win. Included in the collection are four GTA-themed shirts, a set of Rockstar pins, a Vice City money clip, beach ball, Rubik's Cube, and head band. Check out the details of the contest right here:

"To win one of these awesome swag bags, all you need to do is create something 80s-themed! Write a poem about your favorite toy from the 80s, record yourself singing your favorite 80s tune, take a picture of yourself dressed at Tommy Vercetti -- the choice is yours, so get creative!"

Head over to Destructoid to check out how to win and get your Rockstar swag on.

[via Rockstar Games, Destructoid]