If Doom was made today, it would have deliberately paced stop-and-pop gameplay, a loud, red message to remind you to take cover every time you get hurt, and many other modern game development staples. Actually, just read the video description, as it says it better than we can:

What if Doom was made today? How is Doom 4 going to be?

Slow cover-to-cover combat, tons of useless weapon attachments, static decoration objects, near infinite ammo, overuse of post-processing effects, no gibs, smoke-ish blood, and many other modern nightmares awaits you in Call of Battlefield: Modern Warfighter, coming out this summer with its 4 hours campaign with 11 levels, and many hours of multiplayer fun with 20 levels that looks the same, perks and killstreaks to unlock, and it's just US$70,00 on Steam. Pre-order the Explosives DLC and the Green Armor DLC now on Infinity Greed's website for USS$20,00 each and save up to $0,42, or pre-order the GOLD edition with all the DLCs included for $182,00.

This "Call of Battlefield: Modern Warfighter" Doom parody was done by Mark "Sgt. Mark IV" Abenante, the creator of the "Brutal Doom" mod that's been in development for the last two years. It's hilarious, though to be honest we're getting a little disturbed by our inability to determine which aspects of this are a joke.

[via Twitter]