In a front-runner for the year's most insane story, two Detroit brothers have been arrested for stealing their father's body so that it could be resurrected. According to Detroit police, the religious sons of Clarence Bright were apprehended when an empty casket was discovered inside of their van at a gas station.

The 93-year-old Bright was supposed to be buried at Gethsemane Cemetery on Saturday, but the burial was postponed due to soggy ground caused by rain. In the interim, his casket was left near a mausoleum on the cemetery ground through Monday morning, when it was stolen. 

Using a tip about a white van spotted inside of the cemetery, police found the van at an empty gas station, along with the empty casket and the two men. Bright's body was later found inside of the freezer at his 48-year-old son's home.

Lt. Harold Rochon told The Detroit News that Bright's elder son was "hoping his father would be resurrected." Police declined to release the names of Bright's sons, and neither have been charged. The theft of Bright's body is still under investigation.

[via The Huffington Post]