Most of THQ's studios and properties were auctioned off to other companies last week, but not all of them; the status of Vigil Games and its Darksiders series were left up in the air.

But now it's emerged that Crytek, the German studio behind CryENGINE, Crysis and others, will be opening a Crytek USA studio in Austin, and that the studio's 35 employees will be made up entirely of ex-Vigil workers. They'll be headed by former Vigil General Manager David Adams.

Crytek told Gamasutra that Crytek USA is "like a new start for [the team at Vigil]."

It's unclear what the studio will be working on, but we're glad that at least part of the team at Vigil has found a new home. Congrats and good luck in the future!

[via Joystiq]

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