Chances are you've thought about what music you'd like to have played at your funeral, but probably not when you're six feet under. 

Still, that didn't stop Fredrik Hjelmquist, a Swedish music and video equipment store owner, from designing a surround-sound coffin called the CataCombo Sound System, which is advertised as providing "god-like comfort and an angelic interior." Someone needed to design something that's “really rock n’ roll… but at the same time beautiful," he told Reuters. "Ozzy Osbourne should buy one, I think, or Keith Richards.”

At $30,000, the sleek vessel doesn't come cheap, but it does offer an interesting option for funeral parlors and those who want to "embrace their love of music in this life and the next." Loved ones can control a playlist using a 4G connection and LSG display, and the music box features a cooling interior, because who knows how hot it'll get down there. 

[via Time]