Where: Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Years Of Operation1896 to 1975

The comely, house-like structure that is Overbrook Insane Asylum doesn't belie the horrors that once took place within. The facility, part of a self-contained treatment center for the daily care of the mentally ill, was originally chose because of its tranquil setting, but the patients never found the solace they were promised.

Overbrook’s patients were subject to a horrifying level of neglect, including an incident in 1917 where 24 patients were left to freeze to death in their own beds. After an influx of patients post WWII, the Overbrook’s facilities became dangerously crowded, and as many as 150 patients went missing. Despite an expansion, the asylum closed its doors in 1975. The hospital and its tunnels are said to heavily guarded against trespassers, but you can take a peek its supposedly haunted wards in the screen adaption of Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke, for which the asylum was used as a set. 

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