Twitter passed the 500 million mark for users back in June 2012, and the company claims that it is now worth more than $8 billion. That’s a lot of users, and a lot of dough.

Scrolling through this mayhem of tweets, mentions, hashtags, and twitpics can be a little on the overwhelming side. So the folks at Tweetping decided to visualize this digital chaos by developing a program that maps out every tweet, mention and hashtag in real time. We’re not just talking tweets within the U.S., but on a global scale.

Designed by developer Francke Ernewein, Tweetping is a seemingly intelligent and beautiful display of Twitter’s reach across the world. The website breaks things down by continent, along with a total number of tweets, characters, and words being written in a given moment. When you first open the site, light dots sporadically emerge across a global map. Within a minute or so, the map will become a canvas showered with dark, medium and light shades of blue.

America has the highest concentration of Twitter users, so depending on the time of day, about half of the country will be teeming with dots. Vice-versa, many parts of the globe that have not yet felt the reach of Twitter will stay dark.

Tweetping allows us to sit back and admire the visual web of social media that is weaving us more and more together every day. — Jason Hahn

[via The Atlantic]