Ever since the closing credits rolled on The Dark Knight Rises, film fans everywhere began wondering what Christopher Nolan’s next project would be now that he was done playing in DC’s sandbox. Sure he is serving as a producer on both Man of Steel and Wally Pfister’s upcoming sci-fi movie, but we're more interested in seeing him return to the director’s chair.

Now it seems like The Hollywood Reporter finally has our answer as the site has broken the news that Nolan is in talks to direct a sci-fi movie called Interstellar. If the deal goes through, Nolan would be working from a script by his brother Jonathan, who he also collaborated with on previous films like The Dark Knight, The Prestige, and MementoSteven Spielberg was originally attached to direct, but dropped out a while ago.

The movie supposedly deals with time travel and alternate dimensions as it follows a group of explorers through a wormhole. The script takes its inspiration from the scientific theories of Kip Thorpe, a theoretical physicist, a gravitational physicist, and astrophysicist at Caltech.

Interstellar will be set up at both Paramount and Warner Brothers, where Nolan has his Syncopy banner housed. We’ll have more information on the movie as it becomes available.

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[via THR]