What's the first thing that grabs your attention when you see Christina Hendricks? You know what, don't answer that. We were going for her red hair. Anyway, as Christina reveals to the Daily Mail UK, she changed from her natural blonde 'do to the trademark fiery hair look early on in her modeling career and here's how her agency reacted:

"When I first started modelling I was blonde. Then I got a job and they wanted to do my hair bright red. I'd always wanted to, but the head of my agency was like, "You look terrible, it's so ugly, you cannot have red hair. 

I came back as a redhead and couldn't get my hair back to blonde for two days - in the meantime I had to audition. 

I booked two or three jobs, because were a lot fewer redheads than blondes, and I was like, this is working for me, I'm keeping this!"

Thanks to her hair, Christina believes she stands out in a sea of faces and we couldn't agree more.  

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[via Daily Mail UK]