A Sunday morning brawl left one man dead after a shooting outside of a Hollywood nightclub. The fight started around 2 a.m. at the Empire Club and a TMZ photographer was able to capture video footage, as well as photos of the man's body lying on the sidewalk. 

According to CBS Los Angeles, the victim is a 19-year-old man. A woman who was grazed by a bullet was treated at the scene for injuries and another man in his early 20's was taken to the hospital after being punched  in the mouth. 

Jeffrey Valera, a witness, described the scene to CBS Los Angeles: "Basically, the club was shutting down. We were on our way out. A couple girls got into a scuffle. A couple guys tried to get involved to break it up and while that was going on I guess the guys got a little heated."

Soon after, Valera says he heard between three to five gunshots. A suspect is not in custody, but this video should assist the LAPD.

[via LAist and TMZ]