Though there's been no official statement from Fox yet, TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears has decided not to return to The X Factor judges table for the upcoming third season because she wants to go back to focusing on her music.

There have been whispers for months about whether or not Britney would return to the series for another year - first, the singer expressed her desire to come back, and then Us Weekly ran a story about how producers and creator Simon Cowell weren't pleased with her demeanor on the show, especially as she'd received a $15 million payday for it, and wouldn't be asking her back. Now, apparently, Britney is said to be taking the upper hand and leaving "entirely of her own doing." Interestingly, Deadline points out that this is the same excuse Nicole Scherzinger used when she was actually fired from The X Factor. 

Either way, though, bottom line is that Britney is leaving the series, so we've unfortunately seen the last of her highly entertaining reactions to things like thunder and bad singing. Brit, your facial expressions will be missed.

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[via TMZ]

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