College: Washington State University
City: Pullman, WA
Date: 5/3/1998
Number of People Involved: ~500

An on-campus drinking ban led hundreds of people—mostly Washington State University students—to revolt one morning in 1998. Police busting a late-night kegger were apparently pelted with rocks and beer cans upon their arrival, and called for backup just after midnight. As authorities arrived on the scene, party-goers began pelting them with garbage and construction materials, and a crowd of 200 active participants swelled to around 500, as observers made their way into the mix. Portable toilets were flipped over in the streets and small fires broke out as teams of officers attempted to disperse the crowd. Injured in the melee: 23 police officers and as many as a dozen others. Fun-busting university officials: Is this what you wanted?

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