Your uncle wasn't lying when he said one of the greatest joys of his college years involved banding together with friends to hurl rocks at the authorities. And maybe burn a couch or two.

Make no mistake, campus riots have been a phenomenon for pretty much as long as colleges have existed. Don't believe us? Consider this: Student protests at the University of Paris in 1229 led to the school's closing for more than two years. Of course, riot gear and tear gas have entered the picture in more recent centuries, ensuring that an episode of that magnitude never occurs again.

Nonetheless, the trend of student unrest has persisted well into the new millennium, wreaking havoc on the American university system in a number of infamous ways.

Whether over tough sports losses, in support of a political causes, or just because 10,000 students felt like tearing shit up one day (read: frustrated Penn State students), these are the 25 Biggest College Campus Riots of All Time.

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