Creator: Walt Kelly
Published: 1948-1975

In its time, Pogo had a satirical edge that would feel at home next to any of today's strips. Kelly's creation was threatened with censorship in Rhode Island for mocking Joseph McCarthy, and was the partial cause of a riot at Harvard University. Despite backlash to his political commentary, Kelly went on to take jabs as Goldwater, Khrushchev, the John Birch Society, and Richard Nixon during the life of his strip.

Predictably, Kelly dealt with calls for censorship. This drove him to create "bunny strips," wherein fluffy, non-threatening characters would present subtle reworkings of his controversial themes that newspapers could run in lieu of his more overtly political work.

Pogo has faded from popular memory, but it's still beloved among cartoonists, remaining an example of subversion that can function within the system.

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