A new LinkedIn app wants to help you get more from your day job. 

Bang with Professionals unveiled its website today, and from what we can tell, it looks like a parody of the Facebook app, Bang with Friends. That app has become hugely popular with more than 30,000 users, and five new ones signing up every minute, according to the app's creators. Plans for an iOS app and same-sex selections are also under way. 

Much like its predecessor, Bang with Professionals claims to help users see which LinkedIn connections "would secretly want to get more intimate" without blowing their cover. "Our services are completely secure and anonymous," the site says. Too bad that's not what Bang with Friends offers, as authorizing the app shows who else is on it. 

If you're interested, sign up for Bang with Professionals on its site. Otherwise, hold tight and see if it's just an elaborate prank. 

[via Mashable]


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