One of the most iconic and influential gaming companies of the last 40 years has filed for chapter 11 this morning. Atari Inc. will soon be forced to sell all of its assets in the next 90 to 120 days, including such massive cultural touchstones as Pong and Asteroids.

It's famous and instantly recognizable logo is also on the chopping block, along with many other of the the company's properties.

"These assets include not only one of the most widely recognized brand logos, which is familiar to 90% of Americans, according to a recent survey, but also legendary game titles including Pong, Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Battlezone and Tempest. Other recognized brands include Test Drive, Backyard Sports and Humongous."

"Under current management, Atari Inc. has shifted its business from traditional retail games to digital games and licensing with an increased focus on developing mobile games based on some of Atari's most iconic and enduring franchises. With these moves, the company has added new revenue models, including digital download and advertising."

Well if we're going to be dismantling people's childhoods, Atari seems like an apt first stop. Why don't we make a quick detour and burn all of my comic books while we're at it. You can read the full details of the deal after the jump. Let us know what you think about the bankruptcy of one of the oldest vets in the game.

[via joystiq]

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