One of the most surprising bits of news to come out of the entertainment industry in 2012 was the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in talks to star in The Legend of Conan, a sequel to the franchise that put him on the map in the 1980’s. And in a recent interview with Ain’t it Cool (via Coming Soon), Schwarzenegger went into some detail on how the project is coming along.

[Universal] finally came forward and said, “You're absolutely right. The previous regime has missed the boat here. We want to pick it up. We're going to buy the rights and we're going to be serious about it and make a quality film with an A-director and with A-writers and so on. And we want you to participate in this. We want you to star and you to play Conan. We're going to take a story where Conan is at that age so it's totally believable and you're not looking like a 30-year old action guy.”

So it really looks like Arnold, Universal, and an A-list director could be gearing up for another stab at Conan as soon as possible. The site is even reporting that the project could start shooting later this year. While Schwarzenegger reprising his Terminator or Predator roles would look downright goofy at this point, the prospect of him playing an older, more jaded Conan might actually hold some promise. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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