Aside from his glorified cameos in The Expendables movies, it’s been almost a decade since we have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger star in one of his trademark action films – the last being Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. But that’s all about to change as The Governator is set to appear in The Last Stand, a shoot-'em-up that will open in theaters later this month. In the movie he plays Sheriff Ray Owens, a lawman who has to protect his town from a drug kingpin and his convoy of gang members.

In this first clip from the movie, courtesy of MTV, we see Arnold dodging bullets and breaking through the front door of a coffee shop, where he then acknowledges that Father Time is playing havoc with his body. Despite his age, this movie features Schwarzenegger doing what he does best: shooting stock villains and spewing one-liners. What's not to love?

The Last Stand will hit theaters on January 18.

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[via MTV]