Yet another disappointed Subway customer has filed a lawsuit against the chain after learning that the "$5 Footlong" is just a bit shorter than a foot. Jason Leslie, 32, who's some sort of Subway fanatic, says "They advertise in all these commercials, ‘Footlong, Footlong, Footlong,’ and now I feel like an idiot...I can’t believe I fell for that trick." Apparently, this is the end of his fragile little world.

The New Jersey native's lawsuit claims that about a quarter of Subway's revenue comes from the Footlong, which amounts to $2.85 billion annually. The suit adds that 5 percent ($142.5 million) accounts for "unfair and deceptive revenue," all because the sandwich is anywhere from an inch to half-an-inch short of a full foot.

According to the New York Post article that broke the news and Leslie's heart, the sandwiches average out to 11.6" based on the measurements of seven sandwiches from the 186 Subway's in the area.

Leslie says he feels "cheated." While this poses a problem for Subway from an advertising standpoint, is it really that serious? If anything, he should feel like an idiot for caring that much.

Subway should just start selling two sandwiches for $5. The "two-for-five" deal would probably right all wrongs.

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[via Gothamist]