Amanda Seyfried appeared in her fair share of good films and television shows, but it's hard to compare any of her roles in them to her memorable appearance as Karen in Tina Fey's 2004 film, Mean Girls. Luckily, Seyfried feels the same way, as she revealed in a new interview with Indiewire at Sundance:

Do you ever think back to your breakout turn in “Mean Girls,” and go, “Wow, I can’t believe how far I’ve come?”

Oh yeah, always! It’s been such a slow move for me. And I’m really lucky because I got to experience each thing as it came, as opposed to being bombarded with all this attention. It’s always been slow. People say, “Oh, breakout star overnight,” to these actors of my generation. It must be hard to get all that attention and know what’s real at the end of the day. And luckily a lot of them do and they’re real people… I can call them my peers and I’m super proud.

Also, I’ve just worked a long time. I’ve gotten a lot of cool opportunities here and there and I’ve made some good choices with the help of my amazing team. I was with them since I was 16. It all feels right; it feels good. I still look back at “Mean Girls” as my best work.

We're glad she does, because it makes us all feel a little better about still being able to quote that entire film from beginning to end. Karen Smith truly was a talented girl, in her own special way.

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[via Indiewire]