Apparently, the only shot you need to fight the flu is a shot of tequila. A publicist from Qui Tequila issued a press release claiming that tequila will solve all of your flu season problems:

During the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic in Mexico, doctors prescribed ailing patients to drink a mixture of tequila, lime, and salt as a remedy, therefore making tequila a medicinal spirit. Qui, the world's first platinum extra anejo tequila, is made from 100% agave, which is known to help reduce bacteria and relieve sore throats. Pair this with a powerhouse Vitamin C carrier such as freshly squeezed lime juice, and New Yorkers might be able to say goodbye to those saltines and ginger ale in no time! Or for those feeling feverish and restless, Qui Tequila can be used in a hot beverage with lemon and honey to help relax the body and rid it of toxins.

Some are dismissing this as a desperate marketing ploy, but anyone bold enough to drown their sickness in alcohol should purchase a bottle of Qui with the quickness. It's probably more readily available than flu shots in Manhattan right now.

[via Gothamist]