Having survived an onslaught of lawsuits from cable providers (for now, at least), Aereo, the disruptive live TV streamer, is getting ready to spread its wings. The service will expand from New York to 22 new markets this year.

At CES, Aereo announced that it plans to spread from coast to coast with availability in Boston, Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Cleveland, Kansas City, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, Birmingham (Ala.), Providence (R.I.), and Madison (Wis.) and more.

The service allows you to watch HD basic cable networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, the CW, Fox and a few others) live via a broadband connection on your computer or mobile device. You can also record up to 40 hours of programming DVR style.

Last year, before it even launched, Aereo was targeted by lawsuits from each of the networks, which sought to prevent it from creating an alternative pay-TV business model. Investors so far haven't been swayed. To fund this year's expansion, the startup announced that it has raised an additional $38 million in venture capital.

[via Venture Beat]